Sunday, May 10, 2009

Imitation of black

I am a product of only God knows what. I use my imagination, inquiring minds should too. Truth is, I am adopted. I have never met nor seen a picture of the woman who gave birth to me. Supposedly she was young and white and got knocked up by a black guy (aka daddy) So im mixed with black and white ? yea...duh, i guess.

However; im questioned almost everyday "where im from" or am I Indian? I really dont know. But the thing is i was raised in a ALL BLACK family. Southern black family people are often puzzled by a Indian lady speaking country grammar ao fluently. Enviorment over genetics in my case.

I would be lying if I said I wasnt proud of who i am, biracial. I like that i look different but to my knowledge im black. My father was so im automatically black right? But why is it so hard for black people to grasp this. If i was the mixed chick who always denied the black bloods dominance , i would be judged as disowning my blackness. Honestly I have to admit I hate when someone is mixed with black and acts like they are not black. On the other hand I hate it more when I announce my "blackness proudly" and Im given the blank stare. As if im trying to be something im not. I dont get this from other races just my own.
Why tho ? catch 22


NightFall914 said...

I don't get folk that act like that either. Like blackness has one set image or look. I'm not going to lie I didn't assume that your black but you saying that you are doesn't come as some unbelievable thing.

All In said...

exactly...."Like blackness has one set image or look"

rio tapatio said...

It goes for all people that are the product of two different ethnicities. I wouldn't have it any other way, but I feel what you're saying.
Being Mexican&White, I'm either supposed to look like some chola girl,, or a polo wearin ponytail girl,,

being mixed is beautiful. Id say you and I are examples of this :)

NightFall914 said...


Hope things are ok on your sides of things. You been off the radar Miss B. :P

Anonymous said...

I am black. When I see others who claim to be black I do not feel a certain way. Many though do feel and believe black should look a certain way. Those who claim they are black but do not fit into that “black” box gets ostracized. It’s dumb [I know] but I have seen it happen more that I would like. Many do this out of jealousy [which they would NEVER admit]. But, you keep your head up. And yea you are right - "A drop of black blood and baby you are full blooded honey."

Mista Jaycee said...

Don't worry about that.
You Black! It don't matter what you spike Black with, it's Black just even more interesting. The model Clayanna Evans, when asked for the umpthteenth time about her ethnicity replied simply...I do not have any immediate racial mixture, both parents are Afrikan Americans and we come in all shades. Dig? She looks just like you.

Angela said...

EXOTIC. POINT. BLANK. PERIOD. The chicks, with "that" ignorant frame-of-mind, are just jealous cause they don't look like you sissy, that's why they assume you can't be one of "them". The chicks that feel ya blog though...are the realest. :)