Saturday, February 28, 2009

I dont care .....I said it

Yea KANYE WEST is in my top 5 favorite!!! I said it GAY / STRAIGHT the homey is
. Yea, im tired of the of the t pain shiddd... but this joint is crazy. and what does "living like you died before" mean to yall? huh elle? nightfall? I know you all have an answers for me ;)

Flight School (Feat. Kanye West) - T-Pain

"Realize i got the same wings angels fly with, with louis vuitton feathers thats some fly shit" get em Ye

"What up b? Can't shut up me"

Honey I'm home !
Excuse my absence, computer technicalities. If i was a faithful blogger like some of my counter parts i would have continued....but not blogging on my own laptop is like borrowing a swim suit to me (a NO NO). Anywho, my last meaningful blog was about "the secret". Supposedly, the secret to life is to want , believe and receive erthang u want in your life. Like lets say for instance you want money, love, career , you think, believe it then it comes to you via the universe. And guess who practices this secret fru fru-ness??? OPRAH , WILL SMITH the list goes on. As far as my trial and error period....all that positivity mumbo jumbo is cool for others , not b tho. It takes a constant effort for me to oooze positivity, and i must put emphasis on "constant" and "effort". Im not the negative frigid chick no one wants to be around , im just a realest. I cant even listen to r&b, or slow jams too long. I did however learn that happiness is a choice. I choose to be happy, content and call things and people as i see them. I do believe if i want something i should go get it versus the secret theory "it will come to me via the universe" . If its out there i can get it , if someone else can do it , i can too. Sooo i guess thats my secret. Now, my confidence isn't thru the roof by any means. I doubt myself, I go back and forth on ideas..I ask for second opinions ...i take criticism to heart (for like 5 or 10 min MAX) but all in all No universe gives me anything . God made me and my my theory is... he wouldn't have made me equipped to dream if i couldn't live them out. Not so scientific but to each its own and this is the absolute truth according to b
bye bye guys ;)

Oh and i posted a smiley pic to show my positivity oozing lol,,,,,na its just pertty and its my blog