Monday, May 11, 2009

Money Sex Love

Good Book. Its a compilation of different female authors and their take on love and money. Its stories from single mothers to lawyers wives to the "other woman". Really dope because its all the things we really think about and may never talk about, although we should. Funny how cash rules everything around us and its difficult to talk about with your partner or partners ...;) well for me anyway...(if i love him) lol

and by chance if we do discuss the financial situation of either party a woman could easily be deemed a "gold digger"

*bull shit*

For me anyway. When it gets to the point of spending the rest of your lives together I think everything should be put on the table. I'm not really looking to be completed but i am definitely expecting to be complimented.

(note to reader)
this is only for relationship status ...not dating. I dont care what you have at that point if the gift you just gave me or the date we just left broke you i would rather not know.

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X said...

i'm looking for a good airplane read .. i'll pick it up..