Saturday, February 28, 2009

"What up b? Can't shut up me"

Honey I'm home !
Excuse my absence, computer technicalities. If i was a faithful blogger like some of my counter parts i would have continued....but not blogging on my own laptop is like borrowing a swim suit to me (a NO NO). Anywho, my last meaningful blog was about "the secret". Supposedly, the secret to life is to want , believe and receive erthang u want in your life. Like lets say for instance you want money, love, career , you think, believe it then it comes to you via the universe. And guess who practices this secret fru fru-ness??? OPRAH , WILL SMITH the list goes on. As far as my trial and error period....all that positivity mumbo jumbo is cool for others , not b tho. It takes a constant effort for me to oooze positivity, and i must put emphasis on "constant" and "effort". Im not the negative frigid chick no one wants to be around , im just a realest. I cant even listen to r&b, or slow jams too long. I did however learn that happiness is a choice. I choose to be happy, content and call things and people as i see them. I do believe if i want something i should go get it versus the secret theory "it will come to me via the universe" . If its out there i can get it , if someone else can do it , i can too. Sooo i guess thats my secret. Now, my confidence isn't thru the roof by any means. I doubt myself, I go back and forth on ideas..I ask for second opinions ...i take criticism to heart (for like 5 or 10 min MAX) but all in all No universe gives me anything . God made me and my my theory is... he wouldn't have made me equipped to dream if i couldn't live them out. Not so scientific but to each its own and this is the absolute truth according to b
bye bye guys ;)

Oh and i posted a smiley pic to show my positivity oozing lol,,,,,na its just pertty and its my blog


NightFall914 said...

A few people "The Secret" while I do agree in the idea of thinking about and visualizing things that you want. I don't take it to the extreme of "attracting it through the universe." Similar to what you said I'm a realist so I can't jump off a cliff and say "I'll attract something to catch me." BUT, I have a very good friend who does subscribe that this belief 150% and it works for her. She's preparing to hit Japan for the next yr as we speak so I think its an individual thing everyone has their own methods for advancements.

kmx. said...

Yaaaaay you're back! =]
& I agree. Some people wait around for what they want assuming they'll get it eventually. Eventually doesn't work for me, if I want something, I'm gonna work for it! As everyone should but hey, that's their biz. Take care! =]

Elle said...

Look at these long ass comments...B got a fan club. My heart is warmed that you are back!!

envysible said...

I agree with you... Im not content in waiting for the universe to deliver happiness, success, money, and whatnot to my doorstep. I do believe it takes hard work... and there is no way Will and Oprah can say they didnt have to work for the status they are at right now. Maybe they believe in the universe now... but prior to--- they worked hard as hell for what they wanted. great blog.