Saturday, February 28, 2009

I dont care .....I said it

Yea KANYE WEST is in my top 5 favorite!!! I said it GAY / STRAIGHT the homey is
. Yea, im tired of the of the t pain shiddd... but this joint is crazy. and what does "living like you died before" mean to yall? huh elle? nightfall? I know you all have an answers for me ;)

Flight School (Feat. Kanye West) - T-Pain

"Realize i got the same wings angels fly with, with louis vuitton feathers thats some fly shit" get em Ye


Vegas International said...

I can agree with you easily ...

that boy dope ... he aint gay, he is just excentric ... different niggas do different things ... ppl just cant understand it cuz he aint wearing grills and baggy pants

NightFall914 said...

Kanye to me is one of the best examples of what an artist is. Would I want to dress like him, no.Do I agree with everything he says, no. But unlike the wave of lame "rappers" this generation is producing, Kanye ALWAYS makes good music. He's lyrical enough to mention respect and his production excellent.

"Living like you dies before..." I forgot where he got that from but its true. Live with no fear of death.Do what makes you happy regardless of others views on it.

Elle said...

" I ain't got enough patience but I need a nurse "... OMG!! Stop.

Wow love like you've never been hurt and chase your dreams as if you've died and gotten a second chance. This is superb.

rio tapatio said...

lol shits real. you cant deny that. id like him gay or not...but i highly doubt the gayness.

dude just really likes clothes. :)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

just driving by nice spot folk have a great weekend rawdawgbuffalo

Sairy said...

girl....people be sleepin on Mr. West i L.O.V.E this man!! all his songs are hits lol funny thing is as im putting this comment down im jammin to the Grad!!