Friday, January 9, 2009

Letter to Life;

Dear Life,

Im not sure of you...and when I think I figured you out; Repeatedly, you prove my ignorance and whisper in my ear "come harder, not enough b". You had me shook. Your dealing this hand and its unfair. I know this because you blocked my path with doubt and struggle. I can prove im a victim to nothing tho sir. So lets go toe to toe. You got it , your of it , everything I want dwells within in you . You whispering in my hear, relax tho time for b to talk back. If you wrote me a letter you would let me know the odds are not on my side. You would tell me the cost for being successful is way more than I can pay.You would remind me of the statistics of a single black girl (mutt) and two seeds. I call you bluff. You lied to me, your never the same you always waver. You love me than hurt me you pick me up and knock me down. So f you, Im not playing with you anymore. I went out and got my own deck . im the dealer now. Im not looking at you anymore, im looking thru u. So if i see it, i want it, I'm going to get it. I know you are only what I make of you . Life cant happen to me anymore...i happen to it. and phuck if you dont feel me , im my own fan. 5'8 mutt with 10 feet of fight. My imagination gives me wings to fly over your blocks. I dream in color now.These dreams took the place of worries at night. You gave me too many lessons, to be defeated..I'm not certain of life , I'm certain of me.This letter is not a memo, nor a permission slip. If it needs a title ...we can call it a public service announcement. Now back to B' regularly scheduled program.



i hopr the letter to your life comes back "return to sender" you surely have not put your stamp on life yet B. life is a gift from god.that one day we return.if you know what you want in and from just now need to know where to find it.outside of you or sure you see that the cover on your book so to speak.attracts many.even you.that hour in the mirror!lolyou give yourself titles that dont fit.we never say mutt if its a why do so to a fine human.a woman,mother,a lady thats still defining herself?hummm.the fuck the world movement is ok.just whatch out for the people cheerleading that shit.i say haters are the people who cant clap for you..there on the other side! which most the time aint the winning can bring you fortunes.your heart can find many loves.your mind can make fake seem real.yet your are the ruler and creator of the B we see. block pathes are to be ssen as a sign for a detour or just a wall to get over.ladies can climb walls!even in a dress lol

i like when you said."im a victim to nothing tho sir"

thats more than tuff talk!
brooklyns batman...1 love B

Elle said...

Please excuse my French...but this is the Fucking truth B girl. Welcome to Bs world...Take it or B it!!!