Saturday, January 10, 2009

So maybe I should be clear

I am really unconventional, which calls for more explanation. I am constantly questioned about where u wanna go, what u gonna do with that, "B give me the vision". Followed by the awkward pause for reply. The only question i have a witty response too is my race lol , idk.

"Write the vision and make it plain"So I guess i will do it in an unconventional way.. Im gonna start with what i dont want.

I dont want them to love me and look over the beautiful mind.

I dont want you to miss the outside either; my hour or so in the mirror would pointless ;)

I dont want to clock in and out , then retire. (sorry momma)

I dont want people around just like me ...i need to be enlightned.

I dont want to settle

I dont want to be easily be satisfied.

I dont want to let go if i dont want to.

I dont want to be unhappy if my unconventional thinking leads me to soloville.

With that being said,

I love music like with a passion,

I love fashion,

I love real people,

I love expressing my thoughts with words.

I love when i get a new idea (thasts interesting)

I love falling in love.

I love the feeling i get when i hear new music ...and i like it of course.

I love the feeling of hearing a throwback and rapping the words like i wrote it

I love watching rocsi and thinking i could do her job way better than her (tru story)

Sooo make of it what you can. I dont want to be misunderstood but i love when they dont get me at all ;)



angela said...

I knew we were related... there's just no way around it lol

NightFall914 said...

"I love the feeling i get when i hear new music ...and i like it of course."

Say it again :)

Sairy said...

church..girl!! new best friend everyone!!!