Thursday, January 22, 2009

My "current events"

In so many unsaid words an individual whose opinion i value most took a shot at convincing me i

"should take what i can get" Mind you ,this concept makes no sense to me at all. I believe this phrase is a candy coated "settle". I would rather take everything you have than settle for this dressed up phrase " take what you can get" AKA settle. This person seemed to be shocked by my unfamiliar response. Then to add insult to injury the convo continued and again she spit out a concept that i believed in the past Honestly, i lived by this theory. "i dont see you doing all the things you plan or talk about, we are just regular people,c'mon B if your nothing your a realist"This once familar thought process was completely foreign to my ears. I knew then i should not entertain this conversation any longer. I was beginning to doubt myself again and question reality vs dreamworld. I did something I couldn't do just a year ago, I blocked all the negative thoughts, finish applying my lip glass, unplugged the flat iron , and stepped away from the mirror. Kissed my beautiful baby girl goodbye and attempted to explain to my son why i wouldnt see him until the sun goes down because tonight was the night mommy has school too.Unfortunately, my efforts to please my 'little big man' were futile. He responded by letting me know when he gets big enough to have a car of his own he wasnt going to school anymore, insinuating i should do the same and beat the sun home {lol}. Which reminded me that i cant afford to doubt myself. Im the example for them and i set the bar for there future ambitions. I now knowthat it doesn't make sense for me to doubt myself. i have a peace of mind because i learned to stop fighting my own thoughts.


Elle said...

This left me with an arm full of goosebumps and a pair of eyes full of tears. Positivity breeds positivity. Those kids are a reflection of your choices...and whether good or bad, they still look at you the same.

NightFall914 said...

Good words. There is a middle ground between settling and far off dreams.We dream to continuously push the boundaries of our ambitions and within that space we do what want and are willing to work for. Life requires certain levels of accommodation as I'm sure you know but that's never a justification to settle or cut your dreams short.

The DIVA said...

"I have a peace of mind because I learned to stop fighting my own thoughts."



take! TAKE! NEVER THAT!.EARN AND DESERVE.B i know you not as a friend,but a cyber face on a screen.still my advise will be as if you are my sister or any woman i care about..and thats all woman.we spend to much time trying to fuck yall or fucking yall up and check this "REAL TALK" i needed you to smile;) lol

stagnant things sit still and settle.have you ended your journey in life already? have you retired?ok you have children and they watch your every move and respond to them.a son is a manchild.we grow to become a man or product of our environment.he just want more of his momz.mothers are the first lady we see walk out a door that we want to come back in it. your lil mama she is waiting to form into the greatest lady she knows.until she finds/learns herself.and wants to become the greatest person she can. so why would you settle and take what you can can get what ever you want.surely from "you". when in love the thin line is between love and life the thin line is between settle and tolerate.

life decisions must be made like your bed everday..A ALIKES ATTRACT ALIKE...DO YOUR FRIENDS WANT YOU TO "B" YOU OR "B" THEM?



Taylorgotbeats said...

peace of mind is often has more value than we think

Vegas International said...

Its very simple ...
if she is someone you respect and take their words seriously, then i doubt she was trying to knock you down..

1. She either was trying to tell you that you need to get something or nothing. So its not a matte of settling its a matter of taking what you get and then build that into getting something else. You have to start somewhere, you cant always wait for the big break, sometimes you just have to make your own.

2. She could be telling you that she does not feel like you are going to do all that you want to do by you doing what you are currently doing. Its not that you cant do it, but chances of you getting it done while doing what you are currently doing is prob slim.

she might be just trying to push you ... I take everything people say whether it be hate or truth and turn it into something i can use. Most of the time, the things people say have some truth to them, you just have to pick out what you like from it and make it work for you.

Black Sand said...

We all doubt ourselves sometimes...but....I will just post the last few lines of a Poem entitled "Courage."

"Hold steadfast to your dreams, your heart and yourself,
And courage will not abandon you,
But follows you whenever you choose to go."

You know what really should be a dream deferred...