Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yes The Movie was DOPE!!

I absolutely love Big, so I was probably absolutely way too stoked to see it. Im sure its really abnormal for a prissy mulatto to be into hip hop the way I am. The best way I can explain it is I love success stories. I am a dreamer. Its the brillance in the word play, its the lyrics, its about being yourself and not apologizing for it. Coming from nothing and conquering because you expressed exactly what you were feeling. Biggie is one of the greatest , clearly. He is a legend always will be. Its way more than the music and the vivid lyrics, its the story that dreaming is possible and the sky is the limit. Its amazing to know this man started at 19 and was a legend by 24. Classic. I must leave you with my favorite qoute from Big ;)
Stay far from timid
Only make moves when ya heart's in it
And live the phrase Sky's The Limit
Motherfucker... see you chumps on top


NightFall914 said...

I think I'll be see it sometime this week. I'm trying to avoid crowds.Maybe Tuesday before the Obama celebrations :)

King.Price said...

agreed...the movie was extra dope

Elle said... never cease to amaze me. Prissy mulatto ?! Wow...this bitch is giving me a run for my money with her pen and her blog. 'B' the change you want to see.

Yves said...

I love biggie but I had no interest to see this movie. Something about people still profiting off his death doesnt sit well with me.