Thursday, January 15, 2009

My circle, or lack thereof.

Im really blessed to be where I am in my life right now. I could self proclaim myself to be
"queen of trial and error".
If u phuck over me once it wont happen again. I consider myself to be a good ...scratch that great friend. Stereotypes say women are catty and we cant be good friends. Often , more than not this is true , at least true in my life. Its a shame how males can befriend each other and the bond be way stronger. The older I get the smaller yet stronger my circle gets. The larger my circle the more freggin confusion. Maybe its my fault tho, I expected to much. I expected the same loyalty and love i dished to be served. Silly Brittany, bad judge of character I suppose. When we were even we were cool. When I started setting goals and reaching them they fell off like a bad bag of dope. (lol)Crazy tho!! Cause when of my coglomerates moves up , its possible I could be more happy for them than they are. My females friends are at and will remain at a minimum . Really these few have been around the longest and know me the best. The theory that you like things you relate to is a true story. I guess i wasnt familiar anymore, cool. "o u dont feel me it cost nothing pay me no mind" (jay)I can understand walking away or creating distance bc the similarities that bonded us are no longer in exsistence. But "hate" me? knock me? expose our secrets? ..or even worse you rocking with the chicks that could be labeled my enemies. Is it some kinda conspiracy? I have a set of morals and a conduct for life that very unconventional. Maybe because I was {raised} dam near by a hustler. (what up po) anywho *loyalty is everything* and respect means a lot to me. Getting money is or the term progression is a given. I beleive no being should stand between me and my dreams. I hate pettiness. Its pointless and why talk about someone else when I could talk about me?(lol)Im by no means saying im smarter or better than anyone . Im sayin im different and "association breeds similarities" (nas) and I cant phuck wit u cause we arent similar. And even if you dont feel me you still watching. Aspirations to progress in life arent for the attention or the money.( i love money tho) Its because if i stand still I get bored and life seems less meaningful. I think big, these thoughts become words, and i believe my life should reflect what comes out of my mouth. I will always win when im in a race with myself. Best thing i ever learned to do was keep my own scorecard.

signing off
Loyal b


Elle said...

I BELIEVE MY LIFE SHOULD ALWAYS REFLECT WHAT COMES OUT OF MY MOUTH...Something to live by. Kudos. If you can't take the B, then get out the kitchen.

NightFall914 said...

Your' racCin' up the cool points "B".
Quoting Jay & Nas in one fluid post = Excellence.

But on the real side, Loyalty is spoken on by too many yet practiced by too few. Death Before Dishonor is what it is. And mos def as time rolls on that circle tightens up but as you know it gets stronger as well.Clearly you know what time it is.

"Say what you mean and mean what you say" Nuff' Said.

brook lynne carter. said...

is that your little self in that photo, girl? aww how cute.

brook lynne carter. said...

oh and the post was good one too, mamas.

All In said...

Nighfall--i absolutely love jay nem its ridiculous i always qoute them i try to add variety but o well ..."nuff said"
love it

Miss.Fortune said...

i couldnt have said it better..
i just feel like if u have 1 great friend..stick with them..let the rest be associates..they'll prove themselves n the end

Pretty Jilly said...

Good post mama!! keep ur circle small dont get lost in the loop!!!

kmX said...

I believe in this 100%.
My mom always told me since I was young, and I kind of already did it anyway, not to get too attached to people because as soon as they see you shinin, they wanna knock you.

At first I'm like, I never been through this, but the little things so-called "friends" do or say are hints that need to be taken. I'm still not exactly sure what those hints are, but I'll know it when I see it.

Love your blog too; I'll be checking back often =]




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